What is diarrhoea?
Diarrhoea results when a disease or condition sends your intestine into overdrive, pushing through the food you’ve eaten far too fast. Usually when you eat food, your body processes it through your intestine with slow muscle movements, giving your system enough time to absorb the food’s water and nutrients before disposing of any waste matter through your faeces. With an attack of diarrhoea, these muscle movements can speed up and become erratic, pushing food through your system before your body can properly absorb its water and nutrients, resulting in loose, watery, and often excessive bowel movements.

How does Gastro-Stop work?
Gastro-Stop’s active ingredient, Loperamide Hydrochloride, has a direct effect on the muscles of the intestinal wall, slowing down the muscle movements to a normal pace. This enables your body to better absorb food nutrients and liquids, in turn reducing the frequency and wateriness of your bowel movements. Most people will experience immediate improvement of symptoms within one to three hours after the first dose.

What caused my diarrhoea?
Common causes of diarrhoea include infections from viruses or bacteria and parasites from contaminated food and water (common when travelling in developing countries), poisons, or an intolerance for particular food ingredients.

What foods are safe to eat after having diarrhoea?
First, drink plenty of water and clear liquids, or oral rehydration solutions to restore your body’s salt and electrolyte balance, such as ORS. Next, try unsweetened juices or clear soups. Try to avoid foods rich in fat, fibre or with a high sugar content. Stay away from milk and other dairy products, then return them slowly back into your diet over time.

Where do I get Gastro-Stop?
Gastro Stop is available in all pharmacies.

How much is it?
Gastro-Stop is great value, particularly when compared to equivalent products in your pharmacy. The recommended retail price for a 12-capsule pack is $7.50 or $11.50 for a 20-capsule pack.

Are there any side-effects?
Like most medicines, Gastro-Stop may sometimes cause unwanted side-effects in some people. Tell your doctor immediately if you experience abdominal cramps or bloating, nausea and/or vomiting, tiredness, skin reactions such as nettle rash or hives, blurred vision, giddiness or any other unexpected symptoms.